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Courtney Hale-Revia

One Way Out


Growing Pains


Lavender Cowgirl


They've Poisoned The Well


Cutting Lines


Blood And Water


Who Are You




Coffee Beans (The Logon Cafe Song)


Rainbows At Night


The Sheep Who Sleep With Coyotes


Album/Music reviews

Americana Highways
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“This album is thoughtful and will catch your attention, ask you to slow down and consider life in this moment. Musically it’s charming Americana. Lyrically, the autobiographical elements of Growing Painscould be the personal experience of many of us. In addition to blooming where she is, it’s also notable that Courtney Hale-Revia has founded the 7 Oaks Event Garden — a listening room in Southeast Texas.
Rock Doctor
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“Though many of her themes are serious and personal she isn’t afraid to have fun. Overall the sound of the album is ‘western’, with warm and spacious sonics that give a friendly vibe. The most arresting in this tasty bunch is Bloom Where You Are, which was written by her father in 1989- she lost him to Covid last year. The message is summed up by the line when roots run deep/ the only way out is to bloom where you are. You have to admit that’s pretty solid advice.”
Donnie Courville
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“It creates just the kind of space that someone would want to travel to if they had to go and figure out life’s intricacies.”
Rock Doctor
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“The message is summed up by the line when roots run deep/ the only way out is to bloom where you are. You have to admit that’s pretty solid advice.”
Oasis Entertainment Blog
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“This is her third album of original material showcases a true representation of her growth as a songwriter and woman, containing songs that touch on topics ranging from suicide/grief to rainbows and hope. This twelve track album features such amazing tracks with a mixture of country and bluegrass as the title track Growing Pains, Lavender Cowgirl, Blood And Water, Coffee Beans (The Logon Café Song), Rainbows At Night and so much more. This amazing artist provides us with a brilliant performance with an impressive voice and musicianship, great songwriting talent and superb recording. This is an album that should do well on Country radio.”
Rock Doctor
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“Courtney is unapologetically a confessional songwriter, giving her songs uncommon amounts of depth and truth. Her sound is primarily a blend of folk, bluegrass, Americana and country with some twang. Listening closely to her lyrics offers a superb payoff.”
Chris Spector
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“If only every middle aged (or there about) woman that thinks she's had a revelation about life she needs to share with the world would listen to this coming of age set by one who was once full of piss and vinegar before finding out life had other plans---the world would be a better place. The best personal/confessional singer songwriter stuff since before Laurel Canyon became a cliché and a parody, this Texas gal is to too good to be true. Genre fans can come proudly back into the tent as this set proudly leads the way… “
Album Decides Bob Silvestri
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“An introspective and confessional lyricist Hale-Revia surrounds the words with roots and country melodies and her clear pleasing voice”

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