I saw these next to each other at the park today and it got me thinking. (Shocker. I know) 

I wondered if the yellow flower was there because of the white dandelion.  
If somehow all this time I never realized the white flower produced something other than a white puffy flower.  
So I googled “what is the name of the little wild yellow flowers”. (Just to be sure).  
I saw it too was called a dandelion.  
And then came across a time lapse of the dandelions life cycle and yes, the yellow flower dies and then opens back up to this white dandelion. (I honestly never knew that) 🤷🏻‍♀️

When I first captured this photo it was because I saw poignancy in the difference of standing still and being bright and pretty and that of standing still, beautiful, but a little tattered as it’s life cycle lent itself to its surroundings.
(And I just have a thing for dandelions “in their seed state”(as I learned today)) 

And after realizing the white seed state of the dandelion is in fact the last phase before true death it gives me new respect. This puffy weed has made it past being picked, mowed, stepped on and so much more. Only to shed itself to produce something that will hopefully outlive itself.  

Here is my point.  
Not everyone gets to see all phases of life.  
If you by chance woke up today then we owe it to the universe to live in such a way that we leave something beautiful behind. Inspiration. Kindness. Hope. Joy. Laughter. Leadership. Art. Music. Legacies of strength. Whatever it may be. 

Don’t be afraid to share who you are with those around you. Our experiences and trials/joys plant seeds of wisdom and hope in those we cross paths with. 
Be you. Be beautiful. 
Be-lieve you can and do make a difference. ❤️🍀🌼🌸💐🌷🍃