Bloom Where Planted

Daily I sit here at the island and stare out this kitchen window at this tree. I daydream. Make list of todos. Eat my meal etc. Almost Every time someone comes here for the first time they comment on this tree. All the trees. But specifically this one. It stands closest in view. It’s visable from the […]


I saw these next to each other at the park today and it got me thinking. (Shocker. I know)  I wondered if the yellow flower was there because of the white dandelion.  If somehow all this time I never realized the white flower produced something other than a white puffy flower.  So I googled “what is the […]

There’s No Place Like Home

 A rice field on the outskirts of Beaumont, Texas, developed for the ever-growing suburban-meets- country living, is where I was planted. My father a Beaumont police officer and my mother a nurse.I have few memories prior to becoming a latch key kid. Memories of a garden and family dinners still trickle through my mind like […]

Boo…I’m Courtney

I don’t think we are all blessed knowing exactly what we want to be when we “grow up”.I am pretty sure somewhere along the way, we sensed passion, a yearning for something that was beyond us, a love we didn’t know how to pin point or label. Somewhere along the way most of us lost […]